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Home Bank with RFCU's Home Financial Services. Easy account transfers, history of accounts, viewing and copying of cleared checks, loan payment history and many other features. RFCU Home Financial Services is safe and secure! Call RFCU for all the details! E-statements are now available for all members that are registered for Home Financial Services. Click on Services to register!!

Regular Share / Savings Account
To become a member, all it takes is a low $5 minimum deposit to open a share savings account. This account signifies your ownership in RFCU and provides you with the opportunity to vote in the annual elections. It also opens the door to all our other services. This minimum balance of $5 is required to earn dividends as well as retain membership. This savings account pays very competitive dividends, and there is no monthly service charge.

Special Savings Account
For members who would like a savings fund separate from their primary savings account, a special savings account is available. Open as many of these accounts as you like and set aside savings for a vacation or just something special.

Share Certificateof Deposit
Certificates offer secure, long-term savings at very competitive rates. With a minimum deposit of $1000, you can choose from a variety of terms ranging from 6 months to 24 months. All certificate options are also available as IRA certificates.

Share Draft / Checking Account
RFCU Share Draft / Checking accounts have many features. While a Share Draft / Checking account has only a $100 minimum opening balance, you can enjoy NO MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGE and MONTHLY DIVIDENDS by maintaining an average minimum balance of $300.

Maximizer Money Market Accounts
A Maximizer Money Market Account offers a higher return than regular savings accounts, the flexibility of a checking account and peace of mind knowing your funds are insured up to $100,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. RFCU Maximizer Money Market Accounts have a $10,000 minimum balance and a limit of 6 transactions per month.

Start saving for the holiday season now with this unique account from RFCU. Sign up for regular deposits to your Christmas Club account through payroll deduction or by automatic transfer from your checking or savings account. Start saving for your holiday spending today, and ensure yourself a happy season.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
We offer a variety of options as either a savings account or a certificate, including traditional and Roth IRAs. IRAs are a great way to safely keep your money in a long-term investment. Dividends compound monthly and best of all we offer competitive rates on all options.

Direct Deposit
Eliminate those trips to the credit union on payday. RFCU accepts direct deposits of all types of checks including social security, federal recurring payments, and payroll checks. Inquire with your company payroll department regarding the availability of direct deposit.

RFCU MasterMoney Debit/ATM cards offer convenient check card and ATM card usage. MasterMoney cards are acceptable at most worldwide locations accepting Mastercard. Carry a card and you will have the convenience of a check without a check.

Automatic Payments
If you don't have direct deposit or payroll deduction, you can still set up an automatic transfer. Having your monthly loan payment transferred automatically from your checking or savings account to your loan eliminates the worry of late payments.

Account balances, cleared checks, transfers, deposits, cleared ACH drafts and many other services are available via the telephone. Call the credit union today to sign up for "ART". All it takes is a 4-digit PIN number and member number. This service is available 24/7 and is toll free at 888-610-0060 or locally at 512-446-5330.

Overdraft Protection
The added security of overdraft protection for your checking account is available through automatic transfers from your Regular Share / Savings account for a minimal $2 fee. In addition, you may elect to have funds transferred into your checking account from your Overdraft Line Of Credit (subject to loan approval). These available options could save you the worry or embarrassment of checks being returned on your account.

Payroll Deduction
Payroll deduction makes saving easy and loan payments hassle free. This service allows you to have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited to your various credit union accounts each payday. Most company payroll departments offer payroll deduction, check with yours!

E-statements are now here. For all members registered for Home Financial Services, sign up now! Advantages of e-statements:
  • Statement available the first business day of month.
  • E-mail notification is reminder to examine statement.
  • Statement is password protected.
  • Eliminates possibility of statement being stolen out of mail.
  • Six months of stored statements available; RFCU can always print statements as needed.
    How to sign up?
  • Register for Home Financial Services via website or call to RFCU offices.
  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from Statement section of Home Financial Services.
  • Once registered, log into Home Financial Services from RFCU website.
  • Click on Services tab at top, then click on Change E-Statement Options.
  • Enter valid e-mail address. Always update this if new e-mail address is obtained.
  • Click on down arrow for E-statements only.
  • Submit changes.
  • You will now receive only e-statements, no more paper statements.

Mission Statement
To promote and meet the financial needs and desires of the membership while continuing to strengthen the financial stability of the Credit Union.

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